Artisanal Coffee

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Artisanal coffee is produced when a coffee grower goes above and beyond the normal growing route to ensure high-quality outcomes. These artisans use sustainable farming methods such as:

  • Rigorous selection
  • Milling
  • Drying of raw hand-picked coffee at origin
  • Careful roasting of the coffee into a completed form by the roaster

A combination of science and taste is necessary for the art of artisanal coffee roasting. Having the correct knowledge of the roasting equipment, the green beans and the roaster’s visual and tasting senses regulate the roasting medium to for the science.

The guiding principles of the current generation of artisan coffee producers is ‘Separate, Differentiate and Define.’ These producers will shape the future of artisanal coffee. These artisans are gaining more control over their coffee by classifying it by micro-region, varietal and milling process. This is a huge change from the previous practice of selling the harvest to intermediaries, who then process and blend it with other beans from the same region before exportation.

For any artisanal coffee producer, it is essential to take control of the milling process. Artisanal coffee farmers will invest in cutting-edge equipment that allows them to divide their coffee into micro-lots with distinct qualities. This is done using micro-mills which allow farmers to ‘design’ their coffee.

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