Full House Coffee are proud to present the FRANKE A800. The ideal coffee station for a large office. Boasting a huge range of coffees, as well as hot chocolate. The sleek design and easy to use control panel ensures your office is kept energised throughout the work week. Add the optional syrup station and create

Make your day great

Don’t settle for second best. Bring your A-game to the office everyday with Full House Coffee. Our wide range of coffee machines and delectable beans, offer something for everyone. It is important now, more than ever to care for your teams well-being, and what better a way to do so, than a hot pick me

Franke A600

Exactly what your employees need when they step back onto the office floor after almost two years working from home. Meet the FRANKE A600 – the mains water fed, 150 cup a day, coffee and hot chocolate machine.

Help us save the Rain Forest

Our coffee blends are rainforest certified, big flavour backed up by ethical sourcing.We currently stock two exclusive One Tree Planted blends, in association with Horsham Coffee Roasters. Read more about how you can help the planet with our delectable Coffee here:

Help your staff return safe

We all know returning to the office has been intimidating considering the current situation. So to make your team feel safer in the office, in addition to our antibacterial coatings on machines, we are also offering a free box of mini hand sanitisers with every coffee order we receive.

Project Waterfall

@project_waterfall was started with the aim of bringing a sustainable source of clean drinking water to coffee-growing communities across the world! Working with @ukcoffeeweek you can donate by entering a raffle and stand a chance to win a range of coffee inspired prizes! To enter the raffle text BEANS21 to 70331.

It’s UK Coffee Week

It’s @ukcoffeeweek and it’s time to support a wonderful cause and get a chance to win something in the process! Support @project_waterfall now and follow the link below, or text BEANS21 to 70331 to enter the raffle.

Did you know

The Netherlands consumes the most coffee per head in the world!? The real question is why are we losing to the Dutch in coffee consumption when ours is clearly better!?Support team Great Britbean with Full House Coffee!

The Vitro X1 MIA

If you’re running a bustling team of 50 – 100 staff, the Mezzano range, such as the Vitro X1 MIA, may be the perfect fit for your office. With a classic range of coffee styles, hot chocolate and mains fed water, you can’t go wrong!

Your best day

Welcome your staff back to the office with the first months free rental and coffee. Start their mornings this autumn, with a cup of one of Full House’s range of exquisite coffees, and a shot of our pumpkin syrup!