Coffee Machine Servicing

Curated Coffee | Why you Need Coffee Machine Servicing

Coffee machines can suffer a whole host of issues from constant use and sometimes misuse. Regularly servicing your coffee machine will ensure your it works and will keep working for a long time. There are many common problems that will require coffee machine servicing, these include:

  • Incorrect levels of coffee being produced
  • The machine dispenses coffee too quickly
  • The machine dispenses coffee too slowly
  • Milk is not frothing
  • Warning lights keep flashing
  • The temperature of coffee is too high or too low
  • The machine is leaking

If there is anything your machine does not usually do, it is probably time to get it serviced.

With each issue you encounter with your machine, you can rest assured that our team will help you get them fixed. Keeping your team fuelled throughout the day is our ultimate goal and if your machine is not working right, we are here.

At Full House Coffee we offer regular servicing to ensure your machine is performing optimally, giving your team the fuel they need to be more productive. Contact us today.