Sustainably Sourced Coffee

Coffee Machines | What is Sustainably Sourced Coffee

Sustainably sourced coffee is defined as coffee that is grown in a way that conserves the environment whilst also providing better livelihoods for the farmers and producers.

Some farmers still grow coffee in a way that doesn’t consider the environmental impact it has. Farmers grow coffee predominantly in the tropics and they may want to expand their coffee plantations. In order for farmers to expand, they will need to cut down the forests that are stopping them from doing this. Coffee also grows on steep slopes, meaning it can lead to soil erosion and the sedimentation of waterways. In the end these farmers do not offer sustainably sourced coffee.

When it comes to the livelihoods affected, it is important to note that up to 120 million people work in the production of coffee. Most of these people have small farms, therefore they have less coffee to offer to the larger organisations that sell and distribute it. These larger organisations prefer to buy low and sell high, meaning that these farmers would need to produce more and expand their farms, affecting the environment.

In the end, sustainably sourced coffee is the better option when you purchase your beans. It is not only for the environment, but also to protect the farmers livelihoods. This is why we ensure that the coffee we provide our customers is sustainably sourced. Click here to find the perfect coffee machine for your office.